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Dear colleagues


I know we are 13 and 20 hours and 15 minutes into the new year but



I have a question which I hope some one will answer:


I have a set of policies in place and updating, however I want to comprise a files for working document for Safeguarding/child-protection to include:

Safeguarding policy and incident and accident policy and forms for children, staff, parents and visitors

what else would I need to include.


Health and Safety - medication, risk assessments, what else would you include in this file


I want the staff to be able to understand the value of policies as they are working documents.


any help is valuable




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Thanks Cait,

Would you separate them


HEALTH/SAFETY - RISK ASSESSMENTS/FIRE EVACUATIONS/FIRE DRILL/ would you put medication/allergies in here

or have one file for all of the above?

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I have one file which contains all of my policies and procedures in it. I have individual copies of these in an Ofsted SEF file because Kent have suggested it. I also put copies of relevant working documents where they happen - so accident policies and procedures are in the accident book. Medicine policies are in the medicines book, Allergy policy is in the kitchen with the allergy list etc.

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Thank you,

Do you have a list of all the policies you have in place.

This is what I have but because I have very limited space and no office at the setting - I need to consolidate my working documents. Do you suggest that I put safeguarding and health and safety together in one big file or separate the two???

your reply is valuable

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QI think you must do what suits your setting best if it is one folder split up by dividers so you can quickly locate the policy you need at any time that would work! I have an index at the front of my folder saying what policies we have and they are divided up by numbered dividers.

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