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Have a problem where a parent is not using a car seat or seatbelts to restrain her two children. We put up a notice to draw all the parents attention to using seat belts etc, talked about the need for seat belts with the children in the setting and how they should remind 'busy carers' if they forget....etc etc and actually drew every parents attention to car safety notice. This parent is ignoring our advice. As we have a duty of care we are concerned. Is there anything else we should/can do?? We have asked the local police if they could come and hand out leaflets etc but have not heard back from them as yet.......

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This makes my blood boil. The most precious gift we might be fortunate to have is children, but it seems to be totally disregarded by some whilst driving. Sorry but however unpopular you might become for awhile, I would have to take them to one side and say that you have seen the children in the vehicle and that it is your duty to report it if no action is taken.

Lets hope the Police might be able to come too. We often see the Police do road stops and give verbal warnings near us.

Good luck with this.

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I spoke to one of my parents about this very same thing as he repeatedly let his child stand on the gear tunnel when leaving preschool. In the end I spoke to the police and they 'happened' to be passing just as he was leaving and had a word with him.

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Yes we've had the same problem and had a word with the parent but to no effect.

At a previous setting a long time ago, we had a parent who used to let her three year old stand on the back seat with his head out of the sun roof. Saying no to him was obviously harder than risking his life.

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