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Hi Everyone


I recently arranged epi pen training for me and my 2 supervisors as we have one child with an epi pen. A nurse from the local hospital came to us and trained us within half an hour. We were charge £40, which was fine.


Now one of the supervisors is going on long term sick leave and I wanted another member trained up. I looked into the online training that is now accredited for PLA insurance BUT it is £108 plus it takes 6 hours. Is it me or is this just another 'TAX' on our business (a charity). First aid training costs £200 a person (including fee's and wages) the insurance policy costs £100's each year. The allergy part is covered in the first aid training. If we need to give the pen, we would dial 999 and they tell you what to do. (I did have to administer the pen a few years ago)


I could call the nurse back out but feel this is a waste of her time and NHS resources.


What do others think?




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We had to call the central clinic in our area to access a health visitor - the Health Visitor linked to individual children won't come out to us!!

It was free though and she was very thorough, it only took about 20 mins and that was with us all having a try of the epi-pen on each other (no needle!)

Last time a member of staff updated their 1st Aid training it actually stated on her certificate that they had covered epi-pen training on it and that covered us for PLA insurance, this was about 18months ago though.

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Not epi-pen, but we had to be trained to administer insulin for a diabetic child. A 'diabetic' nurse came from our local hospital and there was no charge. She trained about six of us in about an hour. Our first aid training does discuss epi-pen use but isn't counted as epi-pen training. I think the cost you mentioned does seem prohibitive and a bit steep!

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