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Hi all . . . Well, it's all over and I am attempting (as many of you probably are too!!) to get back into 'work mode' (and wishing I had attempted it a little earlier!!!


I'm having a brain block moment and wondering if anybody can help .. . . .


We are currently reorganising our learning environment to incorporate more 'natural' materials / furnishings etc in an attempt to create a calm, stimulating and inspiring enabling environment.


I was on a course a couple of years ago now and went to a workshop which was led by a lady who specialised in developing this type of learnign environment - but, do you think I can find the information now I need it!!!!!


Does anybody know of any useful links / sites which discuss / promote creative / natural enabling environments???


I need to convince a few mmbers of staff tomorrow that we don't need every board / wall space in our rooms to be brightly coloured with different materials draped from every angle in order to create a 'wow' envirnment!!!!


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we use brown paper to back our walls (couldn't afford hessian) with either a gold/cream or black border- you can either order it on a huge roll online from paper manufacturers or for the odd smaller board I buy it on a roll at poundland.


We have also covered our very bright yet ugly tables (mismatch of yellows and blues) with wood look fablon (again cannot afford wooden tables). Needs two people to apply to stop air bubbles but looks a lot better than the bright tables.

Alternatively IKEA have some beige material for £2 metre that you could make table covers for. I have bought some and use a piece of rubber non-slip mat (again from IKEA) along with clip on table weights (again from pound land) to stop the material slipping off whilst children play.

I have just got back from the carboot this morning and purchased a selection of baskets - all for a few pounds. There are some lovely photos on the internet, particularly on pinterest if you do a 'Reggio inspired environment' search- I think that's where a certain popular EY consultant gets all 'his' ideas!


Good luck in creating your space - it is always wonderful to have the funding to do these things but it can be done on little or no budget :-)

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we have also created some cosy corners , small comfortable areas for the children to use as they wish

we also have some duffle bags put together by E. Jarmin to make tents with , children love these


'less is more'

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