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I need to order a HUGE amount of sand to fill our newly inherited sand area. We always buy our sand from Tesco and are really happy with it, but it would take so many bags to fill it!! Does anyone buy their sand in bulk? if so where from?? :1b

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Guest sn0wdr0p

I went online at the beginning of the holidays and looked for aggregate suppliers. I found a few local merchants and the first two only did builders sand but the third sold play sand. It cost me £80 for a ton and has been well worth the cost as the children have loved being in our large sand pit. We did laugh yesterday as one of our out of schoolies after playing in the sand went to do summersaults on the swing bars and loads of sand fell out of his pants when he went upside down. We have found that we have a lot sand under the bars so it must be happening a lot - I thought the children were transporting it in containers when I wasn't looking.

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