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Time of for interview?


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​no.. don't have to.. could arrange time off unpaid if they insist...


probability is they will not turn up even if you don't give them the time.so maybe better to arrange a unpaid day so the cover can be paid for.. .. they can also ask new employer for a more convenient .time.. .

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Just found this and it says paid time off - personally I would give it as holidays as reduces as pay at the end of their period.

urrrmmm where does it say paid time off????? it says you MAY be entitled to paid time off....there are several rules that cover this but if you are just going for an interview for another job (and you are not being made redundant/on sick leave/maternity etc) you are NOT entitled to pay....but your boss may give it to you if they deem fit! (but not if you work for me xD )

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