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Hi everyone. It's that time of year again when we send out our annual parent questionnaires. We've used the same one for a couple of years now, but I really don't like it - however, I'm not sure how to change it or what I actually want! Would anyone please be kind enough to share theirs to give me some ideas?


Many thanks.

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We use the two stars and a wish, OFSTED loved it!

had a search but couldn't find it. can someone tell me more. sounds easy and useful x

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I got the idea of a poster on this forum. Basically it's a sheet with 3 boxes, I put a star in the first two boxes and a magic wand in the third. I used this wording at the top:

Two Stars and a Wish

It’s time for an opportunity to give constructive feedback!

Your honest and detailed response below will reinforce all the wonderful things that we do at ....... and help us to determine areas that we need to focus on.

Quite simply: Stars are strengths and wishes are areas that need Improvement.


I also added a 4th box for further comments. Parents just fill in the boxes as they wish. We had a quite a good response, with plenty of forms being returned. Some of the wishes were hilarious though....!

hope that helps!

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Our feedback form:


1. Do you feel well-informed about your child’s experiences, learning and development?


2. In what way do you think your child is benefiting from attending [...]?


3. Do you have any suggestions for improvements?


4. Any other comments you would like to make:

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