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blending and segmenting ideas please


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any ideas for activities for the following for nursery children?


  • Can segment the sounds in simple words and blend them together


we do letters and sounds ones and i just want something different/a little more interesting x

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we don't use letters either. just want ideas of any exciting/interesting/motivating games/activities, as bored by some of letters and sounds ones ..........

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I had the same problem - so I looked further afield and found this ...


'Jack and Jill went walking,

Chattering and talking,

Up the hill,

Down the hill


They got to the top,

Decided to stop,

Jack said 'Jill, what can you see?'

I spy with my little eye

Something with the sounds ...'


[child picks up a picture card and says ...]


'c-a t.'


I also use a laminated A4 size robot (one for each child) to which I have added 'sound buttons'. When the child turns over a card, he/she touches each 'sound button' and then blends the segmented sounds together ...


c-a-t ... cat.


We talk about first/middle/end sounds, which the children find challenging.

When the child has segmented then blended the sounds, the whole group do this together; then we continue ... 'Jack and Jill ...'

toward the end [penultimate child] we speed up, then poor Jack and Jill are SO tired, they need to slow down [last child] - this gives a good pace to the activity. When we have finished some children (HA) read a simple sentence (phase 2) - they all want to have a go at this - and especially enjoy reading silly sentences e.g. 'the cat sat on the mat', 'the cat sat on the dog' and 'the cat sat in the jam'.


I have made up about 10 robots plus picture cards; I can post these if anyone wants them.



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Perhaps obvious to all, but it took me a while to realise that this is best done orally first, without any letters.

Yes, it's really important to focus this on oral blending and segmenting, if the child gets this skill first then phase 2 and 3 makes sense to them in reception. Rushing to PGCs often misses out this crucial stage.



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That's okay - the children just love this activity and having the sound buttons so that they can physically 'press' the button for each sound has helped even the younger summer born children, who were struggling, to achieve blending and segmenting. They also enjoy the challenge of saying whether the phoneme is at the beginning, middle or end of the word.

I have attached the robots and the picture cards.

I also made my own robot (J-a-ck) which I covered in foil and then added the robot face and sound buttons that you see on page 2.

The rhyme came from 'Boogie Mites' on YouTube.

I used this activity for my peer observation on Friday - haven't had the feedback yet, but it went well.

Also, at the end of the activity the children used ICT ('The Reading Machine' 1 and 2) also on YouTube - this helps when talking about the place of a phoneme in c-v-c words.

Hope you find this useful!



C-V-C- Picture Cards.doc

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