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Space topic for pre-school

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Our children have asked for a spaceship role play area with aliens next (they love toy story!) so we are thinking of using the topic of Space and covering rockets, aliens, planets etc. after half term.


We are going to use the stories whatever next, aliens love underpants and other space stories


We would like a role play space station and we have a rocket shaped pop up tent. Any ideas or pictures to help us with ideas for this would be great!


We thought of making planets using different painting techniques, particularly for the younger children. We thought of marbling, bubble blowing, marble rolling. Any ideas on techniques that work well?


Also any other ideas for activities would be great! (children are aged 2-4yrs)



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i love blob aliens...



put splodges of paint on a piece of paper ....cover with a bit of clingfilm then BANG like crazy!! the resulting blob must then be made into an alien with various quantities of eyes legs arms etc etc etc

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painting technique we used for planets was symmetrical, so like you do butterflies, one half of the planet blobs of paint fold over and then rub down, we made fab "earths" and "mars" "moon" and "sun" this way.


Egg boxes - sprayed silver (or egg trays if you can get them) make a good backdrop in the space station. Ours just like to make their own space ships from large cardboard boxes and coloured, painted and stuck stickers to their boxes.

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Loved this interest. We made a space station out of our climbing frame covered it in cardboard and tin foil.

We also bought a cardboard rocket once from Eco supplies only strong enough for a few days sadly.

We made stars and hung them so they dangled and sparkled.

We also bought one of those ceiling lights thingys ( sorry forgot its correct name) of the planets.

Made space craft with bricks and small world objects.

Ooh on the news today they spoke of the first named astronaut from the UK.

Have fun.:)

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