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Agencies - Food for thought


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There is a brilliant blog out, by Penny Webb (Childminder) about Agencies: http://pennysplacech...on-on-the-idea/

food for thought!!



also don't forget www.togetherforquality.com for ALL providers and parents and those concerned with the future of childcare - it has links to petitions, news, research, articles, comments and backing from sector experts and organisations, sample letters to MP's, response's from MP's and lots and lots more (find us on facebook 'One Voice Together for Quality' as well )


Did anyone listen to The Wright Stuff or Newsnight last night and other recent media?


Please spread the word colleague

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I read Penny's blog yesterday and some of the points she made about what agencies should do for Childminders if we did join one, do actually make sense. Perhaps we do work too hard and spend too much on our provision. I could really see the benefit in centralising and sharing the resources - getting our homes back.


I've been dreaming of some Utopian Childminder Land where each week we send in our assessments and what our children are in to, and a box of resources turns up on a Monday morning returned on Friday. Sweet. But if I had to show up at a centre every day, I'd rather poke my eyes out with a burned stick. But, thinking back, I might have made better provision, and learned faster if I'd been stabled with some good ponies (experienced and educated childminders) for a year or so - maybe until passing CCF network entry, or gaining level three.


But we all know that agencies won't do those things unless they're set up by right-thinking co-operatives. Agencies set up for profit will treat childminders like contractors who pay them for the 'benefit' of promoting them, and then expect to negotiate fees because they're double dealing with the clients.


I don't know what the answer is. Think I'll be bailing out, it's all too hard.



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