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asthma letter to parents


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We have several children that have put asthma as a condition on their registration form. When parents have been questioned the have said no little jonny only needs his inhaler at home. We are a bit concerned about this. I want to devise a letter to go to parents saying something along the lines of


you have informed us that your child has asthma. please ensure that they always bring their inhalers. on a seperate sheet write what they have and then sign to say we have discussed this with them.


Does anyone have something they already use.


all we do at the moment is fill in our standard medication form. I have downloaded a sheet from asthma uk which might work.


many thanks



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i used to have a sheet asking them to detail medication and how often, any triggers they know of, last attack, symptoms that may be individual to each person so what to look for.. etc... made them discuss the sheet with me and fill in for files.. did the same for any allergies... many would say child allergic when it was really a 'doesnt like' thing. made them realise the need for giving correct information...and saved us worrying constantly for an allergy instead of just not offering to that particular child.. only took a few minutes for each one..

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We insist on a seperate set of inhalers/spacers etc that are kept on the premises at all times no matter how severe the asthma is, currently we have 6 inhalers for different children - only 1 of them has been used in the last year but we would rather be on the safe side just incase the parents don't bring them one day and we need them. Some of the parents have been a bit offish about getting a new set but they are generally all fine and the dr's here are great when parents explain it is out policy to hold a set of medication on site at all times :)

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We also insist on inhalers for each child if they have asthma listed as a condition. Its too important to not have medication on the premises and even if the child hasnt had a serious attack before it doesnt mean they wont have one at the setting.

We ask the parents to complete a individual health care plan - basically detailing condition, when it is likely to happen(i:e if its related to allegies) and steps to be taken if a problem occurs.

This is clearly on display near the stored medication so all staff are fully aware of necessary treatment.

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Must admit think its a pretty ancient one from back in the day! Literally just a printed sheet with full childs details on one side with contact/phone number details in list form 1,2,3 if contact is needed or an urgent pick up, then on the other side, the allergy or condition with the medication name and expiry date then bullet point steps in what to do if..

For example,

: A shows signs of needing inhaler or approaches staff asking for 'a puff'

: A sat down and given 2 puffs using spacer

: If no improvement another 2 puff can be administered

: If improvement shown no further treatment required

: If no improvemnent dial 999 and call parent

Please note this isnt a care plan - just an example of! We always get the parent to literally write the bullet points in what they want the treatment to be and in what order.

Obviously if we were in any doubt we would call an ambulance earlier.


We also have them up for egg allergies reminding us what foods to avoid and if they have an epipen.

we had to have epipen training when we had a pen on the premises.

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hi everyone- just looking at our medicine forms.

we have the standard medicine form but was wondering what you all use for an ongoing medicine form- for such things as inhalers.

we also have a health care form, however where do you record that the medicine has been given. for example with the inhaler- if they dont need it regularly/ everyday but one day they have an attack and need it where do you record that they have been given the inhaler? do you have a seperate ongoing medicine form- i know the schools have one but i think ours needs to be more detailed? we have used our normal medicine form and writen 'not needed' if not needed- but its a lot of paperwork for the staff and parents each day (especially if they come every day)!

thanks :-)

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