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I was reading the (serious) thread about children being collected late and it got me wondering what the best excuses are that have been given for late collections! :rolleyes:


My best ones are:

1. 'I was late because it was raining and I'd have got wet going to the car' - parent was 45 minutes late!


2.' I'm only late because I as gardening and using the church clock for time and it hadn't been changed when the clocks went forward at the weekend' - Granny was 45 minute late.


3''I'm late becuase I was on an online dating site for my mother - she's looking for a farmer!' This from a Granny who was half hour late - note she was therefore online dating for the child's Great Granny :huh: !!


Would love to hear some other classics!! :D

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I once had one which was true and had about 8 parents turn up late


'we were stuck on the bypass a boat caught fire... '


only way for them to get to us was to wait... 2 hours later.... before mobile phones... just as well we could see the smoke and had parents collecting others who told us, we were lucky, in being a forces group I was able to ring for dads to collect.. those who could not or who were away we arranged for care via friends...no grandparents or relatives locally .. all part of the lifestyle... I took 2 home! unable to use the venue as it was booked for others.. fun days!


other time was' I was in the car park'... thing was they were not we checked!

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We had one Dad turn up nearly 40 minutes late and said he had been outside all that time but thought he was early as there was no cars or anyone else around!! Worst thing was he was telling the truth as he recited a conversation I had had with someone who had come to the door about 10 minutes after the other children had left- he was 'hiding' around the corner!! The mind boggles- i found it quite disturbing

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sshhh don't tell anyone but i was once an hour early for my daughter when she first started pre-school :blink: i had been so worried about being late that i completely misread the time... :bananas:


You're not the only one, I always used to be 30mins early so I could be first through the door to collect my daughter!!

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