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  1. Hi Can anyone recommend a nappy bag that actually contains smells? We have 3 children in nappies ( aged 3+) and our cleaner is complaining about the smell from the bin. I triple bag and have tried putting them in a bag in a lidded bucket during the day. It is not possible to go out to put them straight in the dustbin as the caretaker suggests! Thanks
  2. It's 26 not 30, but possibly 1 intake. The reality at the moment is we only fill one session ( mornings) so the Universal hours at present would be the morning with the additional being the afternoons. Also looking at the possibility of those not entitled to the additional being able to pay for extra afternoons.
  3. We are hoping to! Looks pretty positive at the moment. Our numbers have been affected by only doing 15 so to be sustainable it's the best option.
  4. Yes, that's what I meant! When we've had a January intake they're the next year group.
  5. Hi That's really useful. We have capacity for 52 if we run morning and afternoon but are not full. Are the children who have joined you during the year part of the cohort who started in September? We had said if children moved into our area during the year we would still take them as we do now but currently we seem to run at a loss by not being full.
  6. Hi I'm looking for information how many intakes you do each year as a Maintained Nursery? We've always done September/January/April after they turn 3,but it has been suggested we go to one entry in September. I can see the positives ( not starting again 3 times a year) and negatives ( everyone new at once!!) of this - but if we aren't full in September, I feel it would benefit us to have another intake in January, even if we drop the April one. What does everyone else do? Iy would help to now if this is your school's choice or the LA!
  7. School Cleaning

    Thankz! I had seen that. Seems really odd there are no official guides! On First Aid training we were advised to use the powder you sprinkle on to neutralise but the caretaker objects!
  8. I wonder if anyone can point me in the direction of guidance on school cleaning standards? I have a problem over cleaning in Reception and specifically the cleaning up of bodily fluids!! I've spent hours Googling 'cleaning up vomit in schools' expecting there to be some guidance but have found nothing! Our caretaker's idea of what's acceptable and mine are poles apart! :huh:
  9. Hi I have volunteered to look at how we do our Nursery Admissions and admin for it. Our school office holds the waiting list but we need to improve our communication plans. The last couple of years our waiting list has looked OK, but when we've contacted parents of children on the list a significant number have moved away or gone elsewhere. Obviously this makes planning ahead very difficult. It doesn't seem an admin priority but the bottom line is our viability depends on numbers! I need to come up with a plan of when we will contact people and how we will keep in touch. At the moment we're looking towards September admission, so it would be really helpful to know how early other school nurseries contact parents to ask if they still want a place and to offer a place. I thought about contacting them in March to ask if they are still interested in a place for September so the waiting list is up to date and then again after May half term to offer a place and details of taster sessions and meetings. Any advice on how other settings organise things would be really helpful!
  10. Hi In our Ofsted in September when EYFS got Good but school got RI, one of the issues was tracking of children at exceeding as they move through school. They especially wanted tracking of Pupil Premium children who did well in EYFS as they move through school. It seemed that they expect that if you're expected or exceeding at ELG that should be reflected higher up school. Our head feels the EYFS data is secure as we moderate in school and as a cluster, so thinks the issue of lower achievement in KS1 is a problem there rather than lower down.
  11. Hi Currently looking at the possibility of having a Reception class and a Reception/Nursery class (at the same time) and looking for examples of how you timetable it, especially if you have am and pm Nursery. Really want to make it work but having a bit of a mental block over it all!! Any help much appreciated!
  12. We're squeezing interventions in too without additional support. We have been able to buy some new resources with the aim of improving CL.I have a feeling the EYPP has been split between us and Reception. At the end of the day I assume someone has to explain what it went on and what the benefit is when Ofsted ask!
  13. The reality in school nurseries is that phonics is a non negotiable. Everything we do is at the right level for each child and is fun and not pressured. At our last Ofsted the inspector wanted to see our phonics. It's frustrating to see none schoolnsettings in our area being " Outstanding " with no phonics at all when it seems to be a stick to beat school settings with!
  14. Interesting point. Do you work in a school nursery? I can't see us being allowed to do less whatever we provide elsewhere!
  15. School Nursery EYPP

    Hi This is a question for those in school nurseries! My understanding is that EYPP is paid for eligible Nursery children and once in school Reception normal Pupil Premium applies, again if eligible. Are you being allowed to spend ( or suggest) all of the EYPP or is split with Reception? Thank you!