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Parent christmas craft afternoon


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Hi All,


I am looking for some inspiration! I have arranged for parents to come in for an hour each day next week to join in some christmas crafts with their children. However, I am really struggling for cost effective ideas of things children could make to take away? Would be great to hear from any other settings who have done a similar thing and the ideas you have.


Thanks in advance :D

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we have have a christmas crafts workshop every year, weinvite the parents in to make decorations for the nursery! It works really well are parents sit with thier children and help others, and the children really love having the parents in. We only have one day of this, which is difficult for some parents but notice is always given.


In relation to dec's this year we made 3D christmas trees out of thick green card, plastic cup robyns, pengins, we had paper chains they could colour and fix together and we made a scene for the wall by threading reindeer and sticking a red nose on.


None cost particully much just lots of sparkly bits and time preping the stuff.


Good luck, its always worth it!

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It might be a bit late for this year, but I like to collect pine cones in the autumn, give them a clean up, and get the children to add glue and glitter, and a piece gold string to hang them from the tree with.


Something that I have considered a failure, and the children have loved has been white quilting fibre that I had lying around after I'd made a sheep costume for my son's play. I cut them into lovely circles of different sizes thinking that the children would lay them flat and make snowmen or baubles. They did both but screwed the fibre into spheres to do so. I need not have cut anything out.


If you have pictures of all the children, parents could cut out an angel shape and children glue on bits of tinsel and gold fabric, along with their faces in the appropriate place - I've just put these on my tree that both of my boys made when they were in nursery.


Salt dough is great - rolled out and cut into Christmassy shapes - but time might be an issue here. If you made the shapes before hand and dried them, then they could be decorated and threaded.


Good luck.



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Ours have had a similar thing this week , salt dough decorations, christmas biscuit decorating - the children made the biscuits the day before as an activity - paper plate calendars ( picture of the child lots of sparkly decorations and a calendar tab taped to the bottom) christmas cards/paper chains and crowns. They and the parents have really enjoyed it.

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I drew a picture of a snowglobe and photocopied it onto plain white card, painted the inside with pale blue paint. the children they cut up old christmas cards and stuck different scenes into the globes, some stuff for snow etc. they looked lovely cut out. We made a huge one for the display board and stuck pictures of the children in it.


We also had christmas tree clippings and squirted on glue, the children then swirled them in glittery confetti stuff and added other bits like foam stars etc. We then put them into christmas paper cups with some soaked oasis block, they have kept alive for a good 10 days now, they look fab and minutes to make.


There were also the lolly stick trees we made which were really easy, stick three together to form a triangle, ours used green felt tips to colour in and then add glittery stuff.


the gingerbread man, was just gingerbread playdough and the children decorated them and we took photos and stuck them to card to make christmas cars this year




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Make wreaths using paper plates painted green with the centres cut out. Glue bits of all kinds of stuff on, wrap tinsel round, whatever.

Cut stars out and glitter them to hang up, paper chains made with cut up magazines or wrapping paper.......

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