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Ah, sorry. The regularity of things like SEF review, monitoring adult interactions, the sending out of parent questionnaires, the timetable of acquiring children's input, dates of planned peer observations, appraisals, environment audit, Stuff like that

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Well I have an annual to do plan?? Do you want to see that? it's just the 12 mths of the year and under each month I have what needs doing that month such as


Funding forms,

review no smoking policy

claim milk refunds,

staff supervision


I suppose at a pinch that could be stretched to a monitoring plan????

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wow I have a monitoring plan as of this year then too :-) I have exactly what Lynne described above, a calendar of things I need to do under monthly headings. I put it together this October as I felt like I was chasing my tail and was concerned I might forget to do something!

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No, I showed her that - that's just a 'to do' list. No, In the LISEY02 for the EYQUISP it states

Monitoring –

Is there an effective system for monitoring the quality and effectiveness of :

  • Adult Interactions
  • Learning Environment
  • Planning
  • Observations
  • Assessment
  • Progress

This should be a grid like the 'to do' but with these column headings, at least

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I went to a session last night on what to look out for in the new inspection framework and this was one of the things that they will be looking at under "leadership and management" - just another thing I have to worry about, and no, I don't have asystem either!



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Do you ever get the feeling that someone is inventing all these things just to keep themselves/others in a job?

Goodness what happened to good old to do lists that you could cross off each item as it is done!!

I have, since yesterday afternoon been sent 4 different forms to fill in and return to various people and keep a copy for the setting.

I am beginning to wonder where it is all going to end. Our group is nearly 50 years old, if it keeps going for another 50 (which I seriously doubt but that is another issue) we are going to be completely overrun with paper!! Poor old trees!!


Sorry Cait, not much help to you

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Just ask them before they ask you "would you like to see my monitoring plan....oh dear I seem to have taken it home to update...as with all the files, folders, plans, policies and now the time needed to do formal staff supervisions/ monitoring as well as ensuring all puddles have been sterilised there isn't bl**dy time to do it at work !"


....well maybe hold the last bit in your thought bubble


Edit...and no I don't have one, have marked in a week to do supervisions on wall planner...but is it gonna happen ? NO WAY !

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Well I have cooked up a table with month across the top and those things down the side and earmarked when they will be done. Emailed it to them and hope it's what they wanted.


Thanks everyone

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