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Everyday language of time


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What do you count as everyday?


Days of the week? Months? Yesterday/today/tomorrow? Weekend?


This is my main objective for next week and I'm struggling to think of how to teach it as well as how much to teach. I've got The Hungry Caterpillar and The Bad Tempered ladybird in mind as possible starting points although I'm certain there's another days of the week story I just can't remember what it is. We've reached something of a hiatus interest wise so I feel I can use anything although obviously I want to engage them too! ;)

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"Today's Monday"? I think it might be Eric Carle?


I would also include things like 'soon', 'later', 'after lunch' etc


Good idea! I think I'm finding this one hard because I use this language without thinking the whole time. I'm looking on this as an opportunity to get more explicit information about who doesn't 'get' tomorrow!

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Hi Helen


Not a book .......we do a little action song......


Marching on a Monday

Turning on a Tuesday

Wiggling on a Wednesday

Thinking on a Thursday

Flying on a Friday

Stretching on a Saturday

Swinging on a Sunday


Probably not what you're looking for.......

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Sunnyday - I really like that! Always looking for more maths rhymes and songs - I tend to find myself getting stuck with the same old ones and then I forget how to sing/act the others! Had to get this year's class to re-teach me 5 little spacemen!

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there's sunday

and there's monday

there's tuesday and there's wednesday

there's thursday and there's friday

and then there's saturday

days of the week(snap snap)

days of the week (snap snap)

....and then continue

adams family tune.

good for improving fine motor/wrist control too because you have to teach them to click their fingers!

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