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Dear all


I need to pick your brains you lot.


Mother in law basically wants to be able to surf the net and look stuff up and send the odd email.


Father in law has a desktop computer in the office but MIL doesn't like using it because it is his domain and she feels whenever she gets in there he wants to get in there and despite recently celebrating 52 years of marriage they can still bicker let me tell you.


Anyway, a while back she had a laptop but it was really more trouble for her than it was worth and gave it to my son.


So now she thinks maybe a tablet would suit her and she has enlisted my help to help her get one.


My question is really what to chose?


Although she will be able to hook into the houses wi fi she doesn't want to have to use the houses computer. I get it, she wants to be able to do her thing without FIL interfering.


So, can she have an ipad without having a main computer to sync to?


Has anyone used the new Kindle fire that would allow her to use it as an e-reader as well as browse?


The Samsung Galaxy seems natty but again....can it be used independently as I assume not everyone that buys a tablet also has a computer too surely?


Anyway, feedback please would be very gratefully received so we can set her up with a new toy.


I am quite pleased to think she at 75 is still keen to embrace the modern technology but just want to make sure it will the right one, easy to use and fit for purpose.


Thanks for reading

Sue x

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All the tablets are independent, and hook up to the wifi without any need of another computer at all..


not seen or used a kindle fire.. love my old kindle too much to even think of changing it... but you can download the kindle app to any tablet/ pc and use that as an e reader.


I have used a Galaxy tab, and do like it but I also find they can be awkward for typing and emails without a keyboard attachment.. husband uses one all the time, and has a bluetooth keyboard he can use with it.

a drawback to a tablet is having to hold it in the hand and use it.. not on a table top without a stand, and then typing etc with one hand.. you get the drift.. I know many love them, and do use one but am not sure I would use one that much unless when out and about and travelling, which is where ours gets used the most.


not into ipads.. I know many are but not for us.. similar out there just as good for less cost.. all in a name..



My personal choice is a netbook or similar.. like a mini laptop, with similar functions but a lot smaller and easy to use..they are intended really for internet and emails mostly so less complicated than a laptop.. used one for ages til it gave out recently.. it was rather old and the screen gave out.

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ipad gets used in this house quite a bit by son and his wife, just kicks into the wi fi, as my printer is also wireless, they can get it to recognise their ipad and use up all my ink!!!


ipad seems easy enough to use, 18 month old granddaughter doesn't have a problem - son sends e mails from it, it has a keyboard on the screen. Not sure how long it would take to set up to get it working though, but i assume you would get some assistance from the store where you might buy one.


Totally get where your MIL is coming from, don't like sharing computer with my other half, he is paranoid I will do something to it that he doesn't understand and can't change back and wouldn't dream of asking for help!

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I love :D my IPad on my second ( didnt break it - just updated it) - have ordered my mini ippad shhhhhhhhhhhh - my grandaughter said Nannie why do you want another one! I wouldnt be without it, use it for emailing, listening to music and podcasts, grandkids play games on it , the net and there are lots of lovely apps free or otherwise and very portable. I use home wifi when Im at home and have a dongle when I want to use it out and about. Yes it pricey. My brother who is an apple fan is looking at a google nexus - cheaper and said its pretty close to the ipad. Only widh it had office on it and then I wouldnt need my laptop.


Guess Im a ipad fan.

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We're having a similar conversation with my in laws now!

I think if money isn't an issue then you can't go far wrong with an iPad...especially for the types of things you've described she wants to do.


I have one (Love it) and I like that it's fairly virus safe (I have a habit on my laptop of not taking too much care on what I'm clicking on and with my last one got a virus off a site about card making!)

iPad won't let you do anything it doesn't feel is safe...it's a bit of a pain not being able to connect a USB device but if she's just surfing, emailing etc then that shouldn't be an issue. It's pretty instant on start up, even from being turned off completely.

Keyboard is rally straight forward and you can type fairly fast- rotate the pad landscape for bigger keys and if she's really whizzy she can hold the pad up landscape with boths hands, use thumbs to swipe the keyboard from the middele to the edge and it splits the screen to thumb type!


Photos etc are dead easy to email, music easy to download, email easy to access and apps very easy to get. Can't sing it's praises enough...it on the other hand probably thinks its wasted living in my house as I don't use it to its potential...just browsing etc lol


iPad 2 will probs be a good buy for what she wants and if she's not wanting loads of videos on then the cheapest option should be fine..or iPad mini if the weights an issue


Tother half Hates apple with a passion so has a google nexus..half the price and loves it. Smaller and lighter to hold, equally as fast but I find it less straight forward to get around so we have agreed to differ in the tablet war!


hope she gets something sorted...nothing worse than sharing a device!



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Sitting with my iPad now! Legs crossed and lower right corner is on my leg, top left corner is on the arm of the chair. It's horizontal, quite secure because it's in a leather case which is non-slip. Typing with one hand.

It's fab, I love it. Switches on much faster than the laptop and raring to go! Love the fact that I can take photos on it and email them away to folk straight away. I can chat to my daughter on the message setting, Skype if we fancy a face to face chat. We draw pictures in 'draw something' which is like pictionary, and I can surf the net and do everything I could on the laptop - including watching television!

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