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Number activity - does this make sense?


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I'm planning to do some work on addition this week. The objective is 'Finds the total number of itmes in two groups by counting all of them'.


My boys are very into Power Rangers at the moment and the girls into Disney princesses. I was thinking of the following activity.


Work with a partner - each pulls a number card out of a bag. You have to collect that number of Dino gems/ordinary gems (depending on whether you're a power ranger or a princess) - was planning to bury them in the covered sandpit if it's wet, hide them around the whole outside area if dry. Then to find out which dinosaur you can free from the trap you have to count how many you have all together and then find the dinosaur with the matching number.


I'm not sure if that's too many steps? I wanted to give them a reason for adding together how many they'd got.


I'm thinking of giving them Power Ranger masks/princess crowns to wear and if I can think of something appropriate different containers to collect their gems in.


I also can't think of why the princesses might need to add their gems together? Any ideas?


Then later in the week they could make pictures to show different gem stones added together (I have some lovely sparkly ones for sticking on!)

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shame you cant have lots of combination locks ...you could have the 'added' number on the locks then to release the treasure.......cor im really losing it ...must be bed time :o;)xD


Can't do combination locks but maybe treasure chests with a piece of essential princess equipment inside - glass slipper, frog, rose etc? Could only do laminated pictures at the moment but might be something to work up to?

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Just wanted to say thanks for your support and encouragement everyone. We did this activity today; the preparation and setting up took forever and for various reasons it ended up being inside but still went down really well and was worth it. I had children queueing up to join in. In the afternoon when our large outdoor area was open which usually results in a deserted classroom one little boy chose to stay in because he just wanted to keep playing.


It really highlighted who had 'got' the putting two groups together concept and interestingly gave me some insight into who could work with other children.

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