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Information sharing between settings/childminders


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Under old EYFS, there was clearly written guidance that we should find a way to all communicate and share information about a child between as many settings as a child was attending.


Can anyone signpost me to this in EYFS12? Think I'm being dim, but can't find anything, or at least not what I'm expecting to see :blink: B) B)

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ooh im having rather a lot of success with this at the mo....only with the childminders though not the other nurseries!


Yes our childminders are excellent, the other nurseries in my area don't bother unless I do, I have yet to be approached first.

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Thought maybe they'd realised how difficult this is and given up on it.......


One of my minded children started at a pre-school setting last September and I sent in my Transition documentation and didn't even receive an acknowledgement :(


'Our' shared-care child started Reception class at a different setting this September and I took and collected her at the start and end of her settling in visits over 3 weeks, each time having a short chat with the Reception teacher. During one of these she mentioned how very pushy the pre-school had been...insisting that a member of school staff visited the pre-school. Reluctantly they agreed, rang them and made an appointment with pre-school - for a day that pre-school had been advised that the child wasn't attending as she was at her sister's sport's day!!


Needless to say it didn't make a very good impression with the Reception teacher !!


After the initial couple of settling in visits I mentioned that I'd bring my own transition documents when I next came. The Reception teacher said "please don't worry about it - I prefer to make my own judgement once I've got to know the child and I can tell a lot from what I've seen of your relationship with C already, especially with the comments from the parents on our Induction paperwork" xD


I passed the Learning Journey etc straight to Mum and Dad instead !!



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That's a shame nona, we have good relationships with childminded children, and on the rare occasion we see any transition info from previous settings I send an acknowledgement letter with a brief update of how the child is settling so they have sharing info evidence

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