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Do Teachers Really Say Things Like This? And Am I Over-Reacting?


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I am really shocked and quite angry after my daughter has just told me something that her old teacher used to say!!!!!


I can't believe that any teacher would tell a class of 9 and 10 year olds "NEVER look at Wikipedia - it's written by the devil"


This isn't the first thing I've heard that makes me think - thank goodness she's not at our school anymore! sadly she's teaching at another local school....


Still reeling!!


Thanks for listening!!

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When I use wikipedia its either to see what it says in comparison to other sites or to look at something I probably already know the answer to, I tend not to take it at its word just because I've seen celebrities say how inaccurate it was about them.

Dont know if its written by the devil though :rolleyes:

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Wikipedia is not considered a credible source, and I think the 'devil' comment was probably said without much thought (and probably was so often repeated by the person that they didn't ever consider what the actual words might mean to some people. I often say that dried fruit of any kind is the devil's food, and although it is unlikely that I'd share my dislike of a food with the children, I can't honestly say I never said that in any child's hearing.


I would just be glad she wasn't teaching my child any more, and I really don't think there's much you can do about it at this stage. It's good to get it off your chest with a good rant though!

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Correct to say Wicki is not reliable


My daughter had no idea that it was unreliable - she really thought it was something to do with the devil - and that's what worries me!


Thanks all - feel better for ranting! :1b

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