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Help! Call From Childrens Social Care

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I am new to this site and wondered if anyone out there could advise me on what to do with information I have following a call from CSC today regarding a child and an incident in the home which needed msocial care intervention. Initial assessments are being made of the family and they needed my input into how the child beahved etc in the setting.


Now I have this infromation what do I do with it! I've never had to deal with anything like this before (luckily) and am now running scared with it.

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Welcome RoseyPosey,


I don't have any answers for you, but if you Introduce Yourself here - http://eyfs.info/forums/forum/14-introduce-yourself/ and tell them you have posted here, all the moderators who have the answers will be directed to your problem (and they'll welcome you properly too). Very best of luck with it - nasty stuff.



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check your safeguarding policy first to see what it says about disclosures or information received and how you should deal with it..it may not give details exactly on what to do if an outside agency discloses something to you.. but could give a route to follow or adapt to follow. In any case it needs recording somehow and confidentially, so only those who really need to know do..



we used to have an incident record book for all safeguarding issues that may arise.. or to record things that could become a safeguarding issue.. it was very confidential and only those who needed to know had access.. this did not always include all the staff or committee.. depended on the entry...

if this came form an outside agency it was recorded what we had been told dated and signed by the person who took the call.. we also recorded if and who was told in the setting.. any reports we wrote went in there as well as any other details we felt may be relevant..


they may have explained what they want in the report , but we used to also include a brief description of the setting, number of days and hours attending, how long they had been attending to give a brief background to what we were reporting on.. We used to be given a basic layout and what they wanted to know about.. if not it was a summary of the child development and behaviour while with us.. basic information what you see same as observations.. no assumptions.


it is never pleasant and had several similar things happen over the years, a case of having to deal with each one as it arises.. hope it all goes well..

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The advice already received is great - but one thing I would say is (in those immortal words of Sergeant Jones)


Don't Panic!!!!!


You have been contacted by Social Care for supporting information and to make you aware of the situation. As such you just need to prepare your report, log the details and the contact as already suggested then settle back down - although you will need to be 'watching points' with this family in case you notice anything you feel may need mentioning, but don't get too 'trigger-happy'.


Now, enjoy the new year and term, the children, and this lovely site :D


Oh, and welcome!!!!



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