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we are looking for staff to complete a medical form stating if they are taking medication , suffering from ongoing medical problem etc - is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction re this please thanks x

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Hmmm interesting subject this.......as a manager I want to know my staff are all ok to do the job I employ them to do but as a practitioner if I am taking medication for a condition that does not affect my ability to do my job then I am not sure I would necessarily want to share that personal information with the setting :blink:


Can you ask then to sign something that states that they are fit to work or only have to reveal conditions/medication that could affect their abilities?


Just a thought :(

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I've just been dealing with this and our LA said that staff should fill one in when they first start work but should then notify you if anything changes. I have just checked our staff code of conduct and ours have signed to say they will say if anything changes.


Although I think I may add something to the appraisal in future just so once a year I can remind them to update details.

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