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Where Are These Places?


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So I downloaded a new desktop theme thingy and it has these great pictures of places in the UK and although I think one is the lake district I would like to know where they are so please can anyone help.


Here are the pics and to help identify them I will call them;


1 Lake & Tree

2 Frosty stones

3 Yellow flowers, castle & sea

4 Properly brilliant castle

5 Rocks & pink sky

6 Rocky wall and green fields


Sorry no prize or anything it's just I keep looking at these fab pictures and wondered where they are :o



Sue x







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Hi Sue


I think that the frosty stones are called standing stones and they are somewhere in Powys near the Brecon Beacons and the castle might be Cardiff castle - can't remember how close to the river it is (will have a shuffty on the www in a min and see if I can work it out)




Just looked at Cardiff castle and its more on the square side so - wrong sorrs

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I think 'Frosty Stones' might be Castlerigg stone circle. After 'googling' stone circles scotland, a photo of castlerigg stone circle cam e and it was the closest to the image you put up, so then googled that and found a photo that I think confirms it.




See what you think. It's the 2nd and 3rd single stones in from the left of your image that gave me the biggest clue.

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Wow Laila, good work there! Some of my intuitive thoughts weren't far out, I had thought Ullswater, but had absolutely nothing to back up that, except a trip there as a child! And I had thought probably one of the Scottish Islands for the last one, Dorset - getting near Devon - oooh clutching at straws now :o

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Stones are definitely Castlerigg!


I thought the tree was Coniston, but close!


I thought the rocks and pink sky might be Scarborough, from a 'different' angle? (it's actually rather picturesque with a brilliant castle!)


Later edit - no, now thinking not Scarborough??? but I recognise the white building in the distance!!


And walls and green fields is really bugging me - SURE I've been there - obviously too old and decrepit!!

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I think this link may help!




I love Google!!


Well now that is perfect.....you are quite brilliant, many thanks.


I knew I could count on you guys to solve my problem.


Pretty pictures and places I am sure you would agree :o

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