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I have put this in here because I cannot see anything on the link and page I have been given, but they are insisting it is there and to keep trying.. so 3 browsers later and lots of refreshing still gives me a blank page..


seems new guidelines have been issued but not a clue on what they are..


here is the link I was given by Dept of Education who insist it is there!


School food trust


is it just me or is there something there? curious to know what they are saying really..

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About time, its just a shame its voluntary. I've seen some real kak served up, cheapest, greasiest fish fingers or chicken sticks, mince and other meat full of fat, instant mash and tinned fruit or angel delight. Parents see the menu and read cottage pie followed by fruit or fish with potatoes and trifle. :o

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Thanks for the link, really useful document (especially as I'm in the process of completing our SEF and I've just heard that we have our Quality Assurance Inspection coming up).


I've skimmed through and I don't think we will have much to discuss as a staff team, apart from a few things such as not having dried fruit for snack, but we will have done the necessary reflection and paperwork. Bearing in mind recent discussions we've had on the Forum about milk and snack it will be good to at last have some guidelines/code of practice pertaining to Early Years.

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