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We are a small village sessional pre-school who have to get out and pack away all our equipment every day. We are in the process of reviewing our contracts of employment. We work term times only and staff are all part time. Would anyone be willing to share a sample of their contracts with me to help me ensure I cover all the areas required. We are not in the PLA and our old contracts are archaic (long standing established team but recruiting new staff members hence the need to update). Many thanks.

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no problem :) I just quickly did this too so I can make small changes without re-doing a whole contract, I'm just going to staple one to everyones contract and use it when needed. Don't know if it is of any use to you or not :o



Thank you so much for the sample contracts and the changes to contract proforma. Very helpful.


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does anyone have a contract that they are happy to share that address' areas such as compassionate leave (reasons, who, how long, any official guidelines), sick pay if not entitled to statutory sick pay, time off with sick dependants..... ours need reviewing, a bit washy washy or totally lacking in some areas that have arisen lately

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thank you that's really helpful, also want to include something about time off for funerals, this has come up as unfortunately a member of staff lost both parents over short period of time, then ex husbands father, and the latest was ex husbands aunt that she "used to be really close to" , now beginning to annoy other staff even though only pd for time off with own parents, needs to be clarified really

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