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Hi all,

We have OFSTED in on Tue and Wed. I am a reception teacher as well as the Foundation Stage co-ordinator. Please can someone help? If Ofstefor children and ask how do you plan for next steps and how do you track each child what do I need to say? Also if anyoone has had OFSTED inspection what kind of questions will they ask?

Many thanks in advance

Flower x

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Hi flower!


Susan is right once your Head has the focus for the inspection he is sure to talk this through with staff!


Looking back at the last inspection re your FS bit of the report is a good idea I think to start with.

Making sure any issues, or even little comments have been acted on or you know the answers if asked about them.


We had an inspection 3 weeks ago and it was brutal.

I am still finding it hard to believe inspectors can make a judgement that people have to live with till the next inspection on so little time spent in the room.


Ah well.


Good luck.

as co ordinator you know whats best for your class/ stage just justify that! They seem to love the facts and figures!

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Ofsted isn't a guessing game - all the inspection schedules and guidance for inspectors/schools is freely available on their website. I've attached the relevant 2 for section 5 inspections.

You will get a separate inspection grading from the school - after Christmas this changes so anyone expecting Oftsed after christmas should look at the guidance I've attached.



I'm surprised that schools don't seem to develop staff in this area and go through the expectations etc. Coaching for Ofsted is something I am always doing as school don't seem to bother.



Note to admin: could we have a locatiion for links to the current schedules and inspection guidance for Section 5, CC and EYFS inspections???



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Well it's linked to a different part of the education act for starters..the schedules are linked to a whole school inspection framework and the headings are slightly different. After Christmas it will be very different as it's totally included within the whole school framework and not a discrete judgement as such. Pretty much all the welfare requirements are contained within the whole school inspection and not looked at separately in a school inspection. There are currently 4 key judgements - Outcomes, Provision, L+M and overall effectiveness. from memory the EYFS inspection framework has less and also different grading outcomes such as a differentiated inadequate judgement. The EYFS one is also about the registration and premises etc which the school one isn't as again this is all included within the school framework.



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Try not to panic! I was interviewed for about an hour (I was really worried about it and hardly slept the night before but in reality it was fine)

I was asked about what we did in terms of transition from playgroup. She was mostly interested in data (she was looking not just at that year but the previous 3 years as well) it was towards the end of the year and so she was looking for points progress from the beginning of the year. She wanted to know what the areas of the EYFS that my children were low on and what I had put in place to meet their needs. She asked about boys and writing and what I had put into place. She asked how I planned for interests. There were certain dips in progress for my children than in previous years in certain areas and she wanted me to explain why. I do my profile every 6 weeks so could say things like 'I could see from the profile that very few children had achieved the ryhming point in CLL so I made this a focus for my teaching after Christmas' I was also asked about my free school meal children's progress and SEN progress. I was very lucky my head teacher briefed me on what to expect and gave me a list of things to gen up on data wise so my EYFSP was up to date and analysed and I had all the data to hand. One thing my head told me though was that the inspectors pretty much have an idea of what grade thay are going to give before they come based on what your head teacher has graded you on the sef. They are looking for evidence to support or disprove that.


Use the opportunity to sell yourself, I very enthusiastically told her about things we do even though she didn't ask as I wanted her to have as much info as possible and there was a comment on the report about the enthusiasm of the reception teacher, I was a bit of a tigger that day! (lack of sleep-slightly delirious!)


good luck


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The judgements against the quality of EYFS are based on the same thing though, aren't they? School nursery v. PVI ?


Yes,they're all based on EYFS framework so do cover the same things e.g. the overall effectiveness gives the overarching judgement, in both reports. However the EYFs report has many more separate judgements e.g. all the ECM outcomes get graded separately - not so in section 5 for example. Here the outcomes grade is one grade that covers all outcomes.



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