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Hi all

Sorry been away a while...finally paid for my yearly subscription to come back!


Update from me re school club.....


Put my proposal to committee...got them thinking...then they asked me to have a word with head teacher ie parents no longer can do this, too much time/responsibillity, lucky we have 2 child care qualified on committee but what about next committee not fair on staff etc etc


Head said that Board of Gov would not let private company take over club (how they would stop it if we dissolved it I dont know!!) but he seemed to think that our idea of school take it on with an exec manager running things for them. Exec manager would be doing all the jobs the chair and committee do (apart from finances, wages etc), including be childcare qualified and support/train staff. They would not be included in ratio with the children but would be the face of club to OFSTED, parents etc. Anyway B of G have gone for this idea.


Just now trying to find out how we go about doing it all...not sure what we do about OFSTED. Apparently it all comes under the school and club would be inspected as part of the school inspection. Not sure if club has to re-register under school? One local school which took on their club has been inspected recently. The FSTED report for the school club is identical to the school report and only mentions that care in the club was good. Think TUPE law still applies for current staff. If anyone knows please let me know.


Apparently club was originally run by school but then legislation said they couldnt. Now schools have to provide extended services so its ok to be taken back on.


Only thing I have to think about is do I go for the Exec Manager job? Head said I should give it some serious consideration and at £10 per hour, flexible hours, 20 per week I am thinking about it :oxD


Committee are happy that it will be down to school, staff are happy so just waiting to hear from the Board of Govs to what to do next. Will keep you updated.

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Welcome back marley, I'd wondered where you'd gone!


Obviously I am only reading between the lines of what you say in your post, but like you I'm not sure how the school could prevent someone else taking over the group if you dissolved it. His response seems a bit heavy handed to me, and I wonder what kind of regime might be put in place once the school has taken over the group?


As to whether you should apply for the job, I would say that you have nothing to lose if you apply. If it is offered to you, there is nothing to say you need to accept - it is entirely up to you.


You have invested so much time and effort into keeping this group afloat and latterly in working out a business plan/proposal in order to become a private provider. How do you feel now that this option has disappeared? Did the idea of being in charge scare you or were you pleased to be able to take charge of your future and that of the group? The answer to this might well provide you with some insight as to whether you want to continue to work for another organisation, in particular the school who haven't always been as supportive of you and the group as they might.


Also, perhaps it would be a good idea to look back over your posts and analyse the issues you describe. How many of them do you think will be resolved by the school taking over, or do you think there are wider issues with your job that just can't be resolved no matter who is in charge? If nothing else, it will give you a list of the obstacles that need to be overcome and perhaps you can enter into discussions with the Head about how he can support you to overcome them.


Good luck with whatever you decide. I can honestly say they'd be lucky to have you if you decide to apply!

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Hi all

You are right maz...i think the head does not want to "lose control" which he thinks he currently has over the parent committee. The idea is that the board of govenors has a sub group of 4 who the exec manager would have to report to. The exec manager would also have to meet with the head too to keep him updated.


Good idea about reading through my last posts...mind you have also been reading through some from pre-school managers on here at the moment who do not feel supported by their committee.


I have two train of thoughts....one i have invested a lot of time in club to get policies, procedures and all the paperwork up to scratch but apart from ensuring that staff can access training i have been unable to invest any time in the staff team which would be a challenge. Then there is the opportunity to buddy up with another club, get into marketing and advertising of club as the exec manager is not included in ratio. Also build relationships with parents more.


Or the other train of thought is just to let it all go and stay as a pre-school assistant without the stress!! There is no hope of me progressing any higher as both deputies have been there years, live locallyand know they are onto a good thing! To be honest pre-school manager is not a job i would relish...there seems to be much more than that of an OOSC manager.


As for my business plan etc. I needed to seriously look at it all for myself but I always said that it could not be done without the support of the head etc. There was talk that it would have to go to tender etc. I had heard it say that if the club dissolved he wouldnt rent the rooms out for use and this would have caused a great deal of hassle. What i think would have happened is what happens every AGM. Parents are blackmailed into doing it as otherwise it would close and then a year or so down the line we have the same situation we have now with disgruntled parents fed up at the amount of time they are spending on it. Staff have been lucky ?? this last two years as we have 2 committee members with childcare experience so know what should be in place etc.Just an aside here in that we are a very inolved committee as the staff are a young team. We do all the bookings, SEF, policies, procedures, appraisals, health and safety, risk assessments,OFSTED, deal with parent complaints, staff verbal/written warnings etc Some of this is obviously normally done by the manager but ours wouldnt know where to start! (capability issues here which we are also having to address) Hence the need for a more experienced exec manager. Problem arises when trying to recruit this person. If you remember it tooks us 4 months to get the manager we have now! This is why I think the head would like me to go for it as it makes his life easier doesnt it knowing that he has at least one candidate :o Must admit I dont see their being much support offered to the Exec role. Just left to get on with it???


Its a difficult one...anyone else got advice?


Hubby is useless and just says he will support me whatever I decide!

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