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hi hope you can help.


Does anyone have a leaflet of suggestions for parents when settling in thier children. I want something to hand to parents thats on the lines of bullet points. say goodbye to your child, do not talk about them in earshot (put better than that). do not feel guilty if you have to stay. take your time.


You know where I am coming from any help appreciated as we have parents who are just dumping thier children and running without saying goodbye and not being positive about their stay at playgroup.





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We don't have one but great minds... we were considering putting a section in our prospectus but I like the idea of a leaflet - we could give it to them on their induction day... oooooh I love doing things like this! OK people - list your ideas for what should be in it and I'm happy to design one :D


We have so far


- always say 'goodbye' to your child

- take your time to settle your child and not to feel guilty if you feel you want to stay longer

- remember children can hear what you say to staff and may misinterpret what they hear... how's that buttercup?


I would add

- we WILL call you to come back if your child cannot be calmed (I'm sure parents think we'll just leave their child screaming for 3 hours)

- every child is different, we are happy to work with what your child needs (it isn't a case of 'this is how we settle all children' altho put better :o )

- if we do call you back, please stay and once your child is calm, play with them so that they go home with a positive memory of pre-school rather than they screamed, they went home. (again put better!)

- we are happy to do shorter sessions to start with if this is what your child needs (I guess this won't apply to all though)

- sometimes a child is happy until a particular part of the session, perhaps lunch time. If this is the case, it may help for you to arrive just before this time to help support them through it, or take them home until they are more settled and able to cope with the change.

- once you have told your child you are going, it is important that you DO go




anything to add? Or better wording of any of the above?

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I love your document, thank you so much for sharing it. We always give parents this sort of information verbally and I have never thought of giving it as a written, but I will now. Gotta love this site!

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