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I held an open day for my new pre-school on saturday and only had 3 parents turn up (they all registered their children) and we have 2 more children registered. Although they are all only signed up for 2 days a week.


I was hoping the wonderful people on here may be able to offer me some advice on how I can attract more parents to register their children.


Looking forward to your replies.


Thanks xx

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could you do flyers and ask health visitors etc to give out or put notices/flyers in local shops, library etc for people to pick up / read.

i think you just need to let pople to know you are around and thats the best way to do it - might think of other ways in a bit x

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There was a very similar thread in the child minders' forum about this very issue, so you could have a look there for some ideas.


How about some car magnets? Vistaprint will make them very reasonably (and sometimes free) with your logo and contact dertails on. You could get several people to put them on their cars and spread the word as they go about their daily business.


You can find a link here.


Good luck!

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I think the best way is absolute saturation of promotion and advertising. You need to get to the point that you are in people's minds and are the first name they think of when someone mentions pre-school. Fliers, car stickers, posters, open days, balloons, banners etc. You have to really go for it!

Best of luck from someone who's been there!


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When I set mine up I used very similar ideas that have already been suggested, I put flyers through doors, advertised in the library, left leaflets in Dr's surgerys, shops etc. Try and organise another open day and invite the local paper along, local schools may be willing to have flyers in their lobby area, mother & toddler groups etc.

We opened in September 2009 and haven't looked back, now have a waiting list until September 2012!! Good luck!



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