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Well.....it's that time of year again........


I'm off for a much needed break to sunny (I hope) Brittany for two weeks, in the wee small hours of the morning (Sat.), home again for a week and then off to Dublin for another week (without hubby and kids) yay!!!


I may look in from time to time to ensure everyone is behaving so be good everyone. xD


Anyone else going away? If you are then have a good rest and relax and I'll see you all again soon. :o





P.S. The key is under the 4th plant pot from the left!!

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Oh did you see the recipe for bananas soaked in rum, wrapped in tin foil and placed on the BBQ? :o



No holiday again this year due to looking after father-in-law, but I'm having a weekend in Cardiff next week with my good friend.

Hope the weather suits everyone going away.


Maz, I'd forgotten this was your last year. So many wonderful and not so wonderful memories :wacko: :( :( :(xD

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No holiday again this year due to looking after father-in-law,



Ditto Rea, we're not expecting to go away either, due to father in law being very poorly now. Mr Mundia is up north now most of the time.

We have a week with the older grandchildren (and their parents too!), a week with my parents, and in between that we might get around to giving the living room a much needed make over! Mind you, I wonder if there's any hope of getting a 14 year old and an 8 year old to paint the walls for me.

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Hope your decorating goes better than mine Mundia. We started a new kitchen at the end of April, I'm still looking at bare walls and have half a floor and a patchy ceiling :(


But at least I didnt win the £161,000,000 so I still have time to dream :oxD

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