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Would just like your advice on this.

I am opening a pre-school in September. I will be qualified to a level 5. Am I covering the EYFS requirements if I have a level 2 worker who is studying for level 3 and a unqualified who is working towards a level 2 as well as myself or do I need someone who is already a level 3?


I know I should probably know this, but my mind seems to have gone blank!!!


Thanks :o

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That should be fine as you need 1 member of staff always present with level 3 or above (that's you) then 50% of remaining staff must hold level 2 and as you have 2 remaining staff and 1 has a level 2 that should also cover you.



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Hi klc106. You will need to think about how you will manage if either you or your level 2 are not there eg holidays, illness, training, family emergencies etc, as you will not be covered in this case. I don't think you can rely on one level 3+ in a setting because your deputy must be able to cover in your absence.

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Definetly agree with Mundia and Hali, doesn't allow for any of the above or in the event of an emergency at your setting, if one person had to take a child to hospital you would not have enough left.

Good luck with your new Pre-school in September. :o

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I have got a level 3 who is available to cover for any absences etc. but cannot afford to pay to employ her full time. Is a level 2 who is

training towards a level 3 allowed to take children to hospital or does it have to be level 3?


Thanks x

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