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Green Glass Bottles With A Marble


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On the hearth of my sitting room fireplace I have a stone 'bedwarmer' - one of my granddaughters was showing an interest in it today and wondered if she could take to school as her class and I quote "are doing the Victorians!" :o


My decision was - no, you can't take that, but......how about this - this being one of those green glass (lemonade?) bottles with a marble inside.....


I would love to know how old they are - I'm thinking probably not Victorian? xD


Have tried a 'Yahoo search' without any luck and wondered if anyone had any idea?

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Thank you very much - really interesting - I have quite a collection of these bottles but only because Mr Sunnyday has found them on various work sites and brought them home for me........I think they are just lovely.....have never considered their 'value'......


Didn't know that they were called 'Codd bottles' either......


Thanks again! :o

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Glad to be of help.. I was surprised to find them on ebay though..


I don't even know how i knew them to be called Codd bottles.. think mum always called them that..


funny how things get stuck in memory and surface when needed..

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Perhaps I need to add my 'bottle/jar collection' to my list of things that my sons should get valued before they 'chuck them out' should I meet an untimely end! :(:o


I've already managed to convince them that my childhood stamp collection is possibly 'worth a fortune'! xD


To say nothing of my 'Victorian vase' that now 'lives' upstairs as I'm convinced it will get broken - that's probably worth about 35 quid - on a good day! :wacko: :(


Oh and my parent's war 'stuff' - I 'saved' all of that when they were having a 'clear out', many moons ago! :(

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I too have a similar stock of items...


the stamp collection with loads of first day covers...


coins.. have a full roll of Queen mother £5.00 coins for something.. in the paper.. no idea how I came to have them...


a Chinese vase full of chips but we did have valued at an antiques roadshow once - turned out to be worth a little.. pity it is damaged...


and yes we have all the war stuff.. ration books, postcards from the front.. etc...


and postcards galore.. from all sorts of places, and something I do enjoy pulling out to look at them... found one from the place I now live in - its black and white and from the 50s! looks very different now!

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Thanks Cait and Inge.......


I've been having a great time......having a little 'think' about all the 'stuff' that I have and have even researched some prices :( hmmm....don't think I'm on my way to my first million just yet! :o


I have - in addition to my first 'list'.......a wind-up gramophone - my brother and I spent many happy hours singing along to such classics as 'Home, home on the Range' :wacko: xD and my mum's Singer Sewing machine........I always 'stood just behind her' when I sensed a 'clear out' coming on! :(


One of those glass 'double-ended' baby feeding bottles - can't locate one of those online xD - think I will have to visit the library and find me a book! :(

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Ohh yes I have a wind up gramophone too... with needles.. and 78s..


along with the 60s record player and 45s & LPs , (son spent many a year playing with that ...)


not forgetting the 70s maxi dresses... yes still have a couple of those...

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Yep - I have all my LPs, EPs and singles - nothing to play them on though........oh and a case full of cassette tapes......must show all of this to my grandchildren.......


My 9 year old granddaughter and I were looking at old family photos a short while ago - she was fascinated by the negatives! :o


I do know exactly where I get my 'hoarding' tendencies from.......when we 'cleared' the family home after my dad died I couldn't believe the 'stuff' that he had kept - including every single utility bill that he had ever received - seriously......what on earth was that all about?! :(xD

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