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I am trying to write up a policy for Pre-school - Sun Protection - can anyone share one with me please?


i would also like to write a letter to parents regarding hats (I would prefer them to have legionnaire type) and clothing. i know I could print off info from SunSmart website, which i will do for our information table, but wanted a letter to parents regarding hats, clothing, sun cream/lotion and permission form to allow staff to help with applying it. Can anyone help with this please?


What about sun lotions etc. Do you supply or are parents expected to bring in their own? I'm concerned about children having an allergic reaction to some creams/lotions if we supplied it. If children are with you all day, do you put the protection on for them - in which case parental permission must be given. Are there any creams that last all day - more than likely not.


Do you provide hats for all the children? Do you allow the children to go outside if they are wearing little sundresses or sleeveless tops?


Lots of questions - sorry ! If anyone can help me with this I would be very grateful. Thanks in anticipation.


Sue J

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There's another, very similar thread going on at the moment with the same points you are raising called 'Policy and procedure folder' scroll down and you'll find it

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It's not cheap but I use Piz Buin all day cream for my kids to save sending them to school with some. We've used it for years and it really does work, but I don't think it is always appropriate to suggest it to parents due to the cost, and some might have a reaction to it. For our setting (sessional only) we ask parents to apply their own as we go out straight away and it takes 15-20 mins to become effective (well its our excuse!). We do have a Boots child-friendly one in the setting to offer those who might have forgotten but we have also threatened to start charging those who took liberties with it. Can't help with the letter I'm afraid as we shamelessly ripped off the SunSmart one as I knew our parents would pay more attention to an official thing rather than my ramblings.

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In our contract parents sign to give us permission to apply suncream. We tell them which suncream we buy, usually boots sensitive and give the option for parents to bring their own. This year I'm going to make sun stickers that we can put on the children with the time of application written on because as they are in and out all day and we are 40 place it can get a bit confusing over who's been done. These will also be available for parents in the morning if they have applied suncream before they arrived.

We supply out own legionnaire hats. We do have a canopy that covers most of our outdoor area and in very high temps they are only allowed to play under it

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We send out a letter to parents at this time of year advising about sun protections and suitable clothing for playing outside (including sensible footwear). We give parents the option to supply their own suncream, or pay a £2 contribution and give us permission to use ours This is specified and we too use Boots.


We then have a daily checklist, - we tick off who already has cream, then cream those that don't. Every child has to do either, or, otherwise they cannot play outside.


We also send out a copy of our sun protection policy.


We have a stock of hats, enough for everyone if necessary, and children help themselves to these. We try and insist that everyone wears one. The children soon get used to the idea.


This works for us. Can't give you the letter though, as on computer at work.

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we have a part on our registration form for parents to give permission for a branded suncream to be applied if the parent hasn't provided one of their own. We have quite a simple sun protection policy as we are only open in the morning, have a very small area & outside play can't be freeflow.


The manager/ supervisor & staff understand the dangers posed to children & themselves by over exposure to the sun.

In hot weather, parents/carers are encouraged to provide sunscreen for their children. A store of sun protection should also be kept on the premises. Children will also be encouraged to wear a hat when playing outside in the sun.

When deemed necessary, staff may apply suncream to children who cannot do so for themselves, where prior permission has been given on the admission form.

In hot weather, staff will encourage children to drink water frequently. Staff should also ensure that shady areas out of the sun are always available to children when playing outside.


I like the idea of the stickers for children whose parents have applied before they arrive though & might pinch that.

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One thing I just remembered is that I insisted the staff lead by example in the case of suitable outdoor wear. So staff wear appropriate tops (not strappy vests, shoulders covered), we discuss the lovely smells of their suncream and they all wear a suitable hat. I did start off asking for legionnaires type hats but I have since relented and accepted floppy hats of various styles, particularly as my big head was struggling to find one which fitted! The staff all love me for it but I feel we can't preach without practicing it and now there is one hat in the dressing up forever known as my hat and forever brought for me to wear when the sun comes out despite me having bought a much nicer one since!

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