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Any Ideas?

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Hi all, I know how brainy you all are!!


We are going to run a serious of nature walks, explorations around the setting so the children can observe the wildlife, plants, changes .....


We have a


Monday Mooch

Tuesday Trek

Wednesday Walkabout

Friday Forage


Any ideas for Thursday??


Thank you!!

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Thank you everybody for your great ideas!!


I like them all..... but especially Thursday Thing because the children could decide what the 'thing' of the week could be (looking for bugs, birds, flowers, noises, etc.)


Love this forum!!!


Thanks again!


MPS09 :oxD

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How about turning the words round so you have a Mooching Monday, etc. and then a Funky Thursday (okay stretching the spelling but the sound is the same!)

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Thinking Thursday??


thinking about what you have seen/done so far and what you might find/see today


I also like the idea of turning the phrases round, Mooching Monday, Trekking Tuesday etc

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