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I know Sir Richard Bowlby supports childminders becuase they can form a much closer bond with young children, but not sure if he has researched this or in going on instinct.

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Isn't it strange how 'trends' tend to come full circle or it it just me?


I was interested to see you said that some settings are now using 'family groups' rather than grouping children by age.


When I did my NNEB training back in the mid 1970's I was at a residential college which had day and residential children's nurseries. The residential nursery was organised in family groups with each 'family' having bedrooms, bathroom, lounge/diner - it was a real home from home and worked well - looks like it is coming back to be popular strategy :o

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Hi, ...very interesting well done, I too would appreciate it if you could point me in the direction of the research.


This is something I try to do in my nursery, after all if children are at home they are not kept in separate rooms just because they are a certain age, they play together and learn from each other.


I look forward to hearing about the research, thank you.

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