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Government Information Disappearing

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Hi, didn't know where to post this so if anyone wishes to relocate it feel free.


You may know this already, but I was advised on a recent course that if there are any resources or information on government sites (eg national strategy documents that you find useful or refer to) to make sure that you have downloaded them or printed them off by 31st March as after that they won't be available.


Suebear x

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I would imagine it's just the new government Sam. They've had messages on all the education department websites for some time, warning that the information on them may not reflect the coalition government policy.


I'll have a look at the idea of making as much stuff available as possible (thanks Cait), although I'll need to check the position on copyright obviously. It's one thing for individuals to make a copy for their own use, but another for a website to set up an alternative re-distribution resource!


In the meantime it might help if any particularly useful links are listed here for others to ensure theyve got copies of?

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I can't see that being the case lolo - the consultation results aren't due to be published until March, so having a brand new replacement seems unlikely. I haven't actually seen an announcement that all current EYFS documentation will be disappearing (not that I doubt you suebear! :o ) so it would be useful if anyone can find a link to something that makes it official.

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The Publications catalogue for national strategies can be found here

You can brows trough the list and then download which ones you don't have.


I must admit I hadn't heard they were no longer available from April, and I think the EYFS certainly will be for a while longer yet, because it is still the statutory document until whatever replaces it takes over, which will be in 2012. Hopefully we will learn more when the results of the review are shared with us.

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I contacted National Strategies to confirm whether or not materials would be disappearing from the website, and this is their reply:


"We have had no indication from the Department of Education that Early Years (or any other) resources will be removed from the website.

At the end of our contract on 31 March 2011 the National Strategies legacy will then be maximised as part of the Department for Education’s future offer to schools and practitioners through an online format."


You can find out more here:


DfE website

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