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Another Internet Moan !


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just received a letter from GCC - now all 'free for 3+4's funding forms (still cant get used to saying that NEG was much easier lol!) are going to be available online only. a reminder will be sent to the email address given to us at the ICT training day.


they are also hoping we will also scan all the forms and email them back, they are planning on ' encouraging all settings to do this eventually'.


as we dont have internet connection in our setting this is another thing i have to try to remember to do at home. im going to have to print all the forms at home -as its going to be easier than putting on a flash stick and taking it to the setting. then im going to have to take all the completed forms home-scan and email them.



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Yes....... and if you're really lucky they'll do what Essex did last term!

They emailed forms - like you no internet at setting, so I print off 40 double sided.......... only to find the next day I have another email saying previous form wrong so new one sent!!! Another 40 double sided printed and all at my personal expense in time, paper and ink!!!

In fairness though we do not have to scan and sent back, we just have to fill in spreadsheet and keep the signed copies at setting (actually thinking about it - we get the storage issues!)

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Guest MaryEMac

We have been using a portal now to ssend headcount info to county for about a year. It took me ages to get to grips with it but I am now managing to do it without having to ring the NEF team for help. Luckily we do have broadband so it can all be done in playgroup.



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and I do the opposite - I create a copy of the paper form and complete it on the computer and sign it and send that - it's in excel so it does all the sums that they want for me and I have a copy I can keep electronically.


But they still want their original paper copy back too - and I can't email my electronic one. sigh - sounds like we're 'behind the times' too

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we to do on line a recent thing for me, but i found it easy to use. But yes the draw back is having to do it at home because of no internet at work and remembering to take all paperwork you need with you, still as a pack away im used to this :o

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