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can i ask, when you close for holidays (christmas, easter,summer etc) do you pay your staff during their last week of work -or do you keep the payroll pattern rolling ?


ie -we usually get paid at the end of the month (well supposed to - but thats a whole different story !!) would your staff get their wages / payslips on their last day of work, or would you pay them at the end of December ?

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No we pay our staff last day of working so for Christmas 2010 it was 17th December, this also enables those that wish to still buy gifts, pay bills etc time to do so before the break.

It does mean though that its along time before the next pay day, but we do get a weeks holiday pay also this month. :o

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we were paid last day of each month..


but December was paid last fay of term, July also last day of term, and August was also given at this time... this was due to our financial year being end August and we wanted cheques cleared by then!



Up to the individuals how they budget for it... or use the money.


I know a lot of companies pay Dec. the last Friday before Christmas... my husbands used to, now they have changed it to same as rest of year, last Friday in the month. Think some of this has to do when this day falls, ans if the banks are open to transfer the money.


Think either way is Ok so long as they know and are aware that the next pay day will not be until end of January ,

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We use a payroll company and they always pay on the 31st. Was a bit of a pain before xmas, but OK now as I have a full months salary to spend and pay back the credit cards!

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Guest jenpercy

I pay directly into bank. My payroll lady asks for info early and I pay as soon aS i RECEIVE EMAIL WITH AMOUNTS. I know I would forget if I waited until New Year's eve!!!!

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