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Children In Need Limerick Thread 2010


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Here we go then. The longest Limerick thread. Can we beat our previous best of 269 posts. Can we do better? Of course we can!!


There are a few rules:


  • Please add a whole verse if you can
  • No bad language
  • you can pledge if you wish per verse, or a lump sum to Children in need
  • you dont have to donate but it would be great if you can.
  • Add as many times as you like but please only one verse per post.


There will be a few FSF 'spot' prizes so lets see how we get on.


Here's the opening verse, courtesy of JacquieL



It’s a fun day so we’d like to plead

That we all try to do a good deed.

We know that we’re dotty,

So lets all go spotty,

And raise money for Children in Need!

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And here is the lovely Sue's contribution


Every year there is Children in Need

And the mods have a fine time indeed

This year they're all spotty

And bound to send you dotty

But great fun you must all concede



thanks Sue

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and here is my attempt at a limerick.


There was a young bear called pusdey,

Who decided to be a little dotty!

He wore a spotty Bandana,

And jumped up and down on a banner.

Telling the Foundation Stage Fourm

to get theyr money out for me

and don't be soo dotty!



Ah well at least I tried. :o

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Now Sunnyday I’d like to say

That I’m glad that you’ve got us underway,

We don’t mind our names

Being altered or changed,

As long as the members will pay!


I don’t expect you all to donate on here by the way but it rhymed :o

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I went to the shops earlier today

It really wasn't much out of my way.

I watched the children sing and dance

They happened to be there, just by chance.

I then bumped into Pudsey Bear

Sitting in his spotty chair,

He didn't have a lot to say

But I wanted to help help in some small way.

Then I saw the bucket to drop in my money

Now I'm watching it on the tele, well it is quite funny!

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There once was a bear called Blush(er)

Who went to a wedding in Russia

When she got there

A bear showed her her chair

And then she had a crush on the usher!


Okay, this is the combined effort from our family. I think we all need a lie down now. :o

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There’s singing, there’s dancing and rhyme

And we’ve all had a really great time

We’ve been in our pyjamas

Eating cheese and bananas

And we’ve set up a Pudsey Bear shrine



(this is a little easier than the quiz!! lol)

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I thought I had no tears left

A week of sad soaps has left me bereft

but a few hours of fab kids (sorry dont usually use that word but its fits better than children)

has opened my lids (as in eyes)

and I realise that our nation is the best


Ok its late and I've had a busy week - but I tried!!!

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No bad ones Beh, they're all great, its all about the having fun and raising money. Ive only coughed up a couple of quid so far, so come on chaps, keep on keeping on.


c'mon chaps give us yer verse

get your money from your purse

a quid'll do

or maybe two

you really can't do any worse

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I have to go to bed now

The ale has gone to work

Its made me rather tired

But this task I shall not shirk

The money will go to the bank

To help the kiddywinks

Goodnight to all who stayed and

To the mods I give 'my thanks'.



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Mastermind for pudsey Bear

All sitting in the big black chair,

Who will get the highest score

And get to shake Pudsey's paw.



Not good, but trying hard :o

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Dipped into the jungle lair

With my favourite Geordie pair

The celebs are so game

None proving too lame

Ah hello, Jenny Eclair!


(good old Sky + - this is multi-tasking taken to extremes here - catching up on the 'jungle', limerick writing (well attempts anyway) and popping on here to post!) :o

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