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sure these aren't anything new but mine enjoy:

hummus and tzatziki with things they can dip in

welsh cakes

croissants and jam

salami, olives

pretzals, bagels and cream cheese



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any parents with different cultures?


we used to ask them and they often supplied the food too..always remember one who made samosas for snack, and another made a traditional polish snack for us.. ( along with the most gorgeous traditional cake for the staff.. soaked in vodka! we took it home to eat!)


our children used to ask for nan bread.. they loved it



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Sadly we appear to have a culture bypass at the present time, I remember we had a mum from Thailand a couple of years ago and she brought in something very like samosas.


I asked the children today if they liked houmus (a general no), bagels (a general no). I looked at prawn crackers in M&S today they were far too high in fat content to feel comfortable with. Anyway, bought creamy cheese, pittas and houmus - I like houmus I just won't tell the children for the time being and see what happens, if they start eating it I'll tell them then! I'm also going to give bagels a go - but would like to find some mini ones, or mini blinis. I think if we have a few of the newer items (alongside those we know they like), but not enough of the new snacks to go round, it might produce a "need to want one".

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Rye bread


We are currently having garlic bread with the garlic we grew last year


We had a german work placement student one year and cooked traditional potatoe and onion cakes - tasted great but made our hall a bit whiffy for a few days!

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As we have portuguese heritage in our family, I will suggest some portuguese style snacks:


Chorizo (very different from the spanish kind)

Broa (a corn meal bread, lovely on its own, without butter)

Pasteis de bacalhao (salt cod cakes, deep fried, YUM)

Rissois (little meat patties, deep fried so not terribly healthy)


Unfortunately unless you are near a portuguese deli you are unlikely to get hold of these, sorry, but they are all very tasty and worth hunting down if you can.


Not sure what ofsted would say about salt cod, though, would the cultural diversity plus points win out over the high salt content? :o


Doesn't hummus have a high oil/fat content? I think they mix the crushed chick peas with oil don't they?

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When I make hummus for home, I use chickpeas, tahini (sesame seed paste so potential allergen), garlic, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil slt and some of the cooking water from the chickpeas to get the right consistency. THere's not a lot of oil in it, and if you're able to make your own (I wouldn't do it without a food processor!), you can ensure it is good olive oil which would outweigh the worry of fat. Commercial huumus does tend to have cheaper oils in it...

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions and some do sound rather yummy - was talking to my SIP (Setting Improvement Partner) today about this and she looked at it from the healthy point of view and said, of course children don't really demonstrate choosing healthy options as we don't give them a choice - if we had a bowl of sweets or similar out as well as all the healthy stuff would they choose the sweets or the fruit?


I'm still going for the cultural point of view and trying to introduce items as a matter of course rather than a "special item because its ............... celebration". We have a real cross section of children, as ever, those who are up for trying anything and others who like to stick to the things they know! But if anything I am very patient and will continue to try them with these different items alongside those they do like in the hope that one day the reluctant ones will just give it a go.

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