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i have just taken over a preschool, which seems to have been stuck in the 70's.


There are so many things to do, I don't know where to start.


Even the First aid kit is out of the dark ages! I have left all my stuff from my first aid course at last place, so need to find a list of what i need. i have searched net, but cant find it. Anyone help please

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Hi Bopeep, to start you off, I have Hypoallergenic plasters, elbow and knee plasters, sterile dressings of various sizes, micopore tape, melonin (sp?) non-stick dressings in various sizes, triangular bandage sterile gauze packs, sterile eye patch, sterile disposable gloves, and some paramedic scissors. A check list in there too, for checking each term or half term what needs replenishing and when items become out of date. Up on the top shelf of our cabinet in the kitchen we also have a few items for adults only, in case of need. In th4e fridge we keep Mr. Bump cold gel pks for bumps etc.

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The PSLA policy book contains a list of things they suggest it should have - I'll see if I have a copy on the laptop ....



The First Aid Kit

Our first aid kit complies with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 and contains the following items only:

 Triangular bandages (ideally at least one should be sterile) - x 4.

 Sterile dressings:

a) Small (formerly Medium No 8) - x 3.

:o Medium (formerly Large No 9) – HSE 1 - x 3.

c) Large (formerly Extra Large No 3) – HSE 2 - x 3.

 Composite pack containing 20 assorted (individually-wrapped) plasters 1.

 Sterile eye pads (with bandage or attachment) eg No 16 dressing 2.

 Container or 6 safety pins 1.

 Guidance card as recommended by HSE 1.


In addition to the first aid equipment, each box should be supplied with:

 2 pairs of disposable plastic (PVC or vinyl) gloves.

 1 plastic disposable apron.

 a children’s forehead ‘strip’ thermometer.

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Guest jenpercy
well that's up to you. I got a lot of stuff from ebay off that list as it was heaps cheaper. We've not used any of it so far - oops - perhaps I shouldn't have said that!!


If you buy a ready made kit - you get the guidance list - then after that don't buty refills as you don't want triangular bandages. The thing about official list of what should be in first aid box though is that the contents vary as to number of people you have on site - not size. So officially you have to have and replace lots of huge dressings that you couldn't use on little limbs.


however here is the list I used for my NVQ


Contents of a First Aid Box


The box should contain:

• A card or leaflet giving general guidance

• Sterile triangular bandages

• Adhesive plasters

• A sterile eye pad with attachment

• Cotton wool

• Crepe bandages

• A sterile gauze

• Micropore tape

• Sterile cornering for serious wounds

• Individually wrapped assorted dressings

• Waterproof disposable gloves

• A disposable bag for soiled material

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