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Hello Everyone,


I have a mom coming to see me on Thursday about her 19 month old daughter. Mom has taken on a job doing shift work. She needs at least one night a week where i can feed the little girl and put her to bed. I can do this in my own home but cannot have her over night as im not registered for over night care. At what time does over night care come in. I have said i can prob work till 9.30pm at night and mthgen she would have to come and collect her to take her home. Is this ok????

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Hi emarshall3 i'm sorry but i don't know when daycare begins and overnight care starts. I would be more concerned with the child's broken sleep at 19 months old if they were put down at your home and then had to be lifted to be taken home.

Or that because of the disruption to their sleep they were then awake a lot of the night when the parent would obviously also need to rest.

Have you ever considered overnight care or is this something you are not willing or able to do.

How easy is it to register for that type of provision, i'm sure some lovely person on here will be able to answer this question.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. :o

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Hi emarshall3, according to the glossary at the back of the statutory framework EYFS overnight care is described as


Overnight care

For the purposes of this document, where a child spends the majority of the hours from 8 pm to 6 am



Although if this is going to be a regular occurrence, Id probably want to take advice from OFSTED, and as bridger said, you will need to consider the routine for that child and the disturbance in their sleep.

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