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Its official - three years (and even I can't believe how quickly it has gone) has paid off and I have had my results today. I have gained my foundation degree with distinction :(


Not over yet though as I begin a fifteen month BA Hons top up with the long EYPS pathway in September xD


All I need to do now is finish my long to do list of things that have built up relating to work ready for September. Have visited the To Do List Thread and now need to stop looking as I keep thinking I must add bits to my list when I see everyone else's!!


Thank you to everyone who has given support and inspiration and when needed a bit of a giggle too. No doubt I shall pop in and out at very irregular intervals over the next 15 months :o

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Thank you for your kind replies - hot on the heels of my letter was an invite to the graduation celebration in November - the full works with gown and cap - now I really do need to a) weigh less :( weight less and c) weigh less and d) get my hair done or I shall look like a ship in full sail ! :oxD:(


Unsworth - you've got it just right and I look forward to stressing with you in September :( - I just keep saying to myself OK its only another 6 assignments and 30 weeks of uni - surely it can't be THAT bad!!!!!!!! - Oh and then there's the EYP stuff and the small matter of running my setting - however if it goes as quickly as the last 12 months !!!!!!!!

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