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Hi every one, me again :o


Just had a chat with the nursery owner, she is looking for more ideas on how we can get some kids through the doors, so far we have:


Done a leaflet drop in surrounding areas


set up a website


Contacted a local charity that supports parents in returning to work.


I have suggested an open day but am struggling to think, any suggestions?x

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we had a lot from posters in local drs and dentist surgeries.. none charged and were happy to display a notice for us..


we also had a deal with a local toyshop.. we advertised them and they put a notice in their window for us.. we also did same with another local business.. never got as far as needing to develop it further but the idea was to do same and have a local business noticeboard..


local school summer fetes etc....we contacted them and asked if we could have a stall.. sometimes they charged, but usually only a small table fee which we recouped by playing a game or something for the children we were targeting.. we also did this a Christmas or autumn ones.. we are an area where most hold them and local village halls or charities sometime have events, we watched the local paper and then contacted asking for a stall, as a charity they seldom charged us much if anything.


School newsletters.. we were featured in 2 local ones...we got parents on board for this and those on PTAs etc helped us target the schools..


and we had a big sign on the outside of the hall.. they gave us permission to put one there but also had a banner on the wall outside when we were open.. as we were on a local bus route it was amazing how many parents said they came in because they saw the notice on the bus as they went past..


I am assuming you are in the local council directory , our children's information department had a list of settings and we all had to do a small write up for inclusion in this, it gave relevant information and a contact number/ web address.. which we also had.. but a parent set it up for us for free. The directory was available on line and by phone or calling in to the town hall.. again we had a lot came via that.


Parents put notices in their cars for us... this may or may not have worked but it was still getting our name out there..


but as usual our best advert was the parents.. they would recruit for us.. word of mouth was our best ever advert.



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How about inviting your local paper along to cover an event at your setting.


Maybe you could raise money, involve a local group in making resources for you (such as a knitting group making you dolls clothes) or have a themed fun day for children and families.


Any positive media coverage gets your name out in the local community

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Hi everyone


thank you so much for all of your ideas, I duscussed them with the owners and she is thrilled.


Fingers crossed we get some kids signed up soon.


Thanks again

Grafter x

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