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Here's What Our New Coalition Government Has To Say


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The new government has issued its programme for government, you can find the whole document here




Here's a couple of highlights


We support the provision of free nursery care for pre-school children, and we want that support to be provided by a diverse range of providers, with a greater gender balance in the early years workforce.

We will take Sure Start back to its original purpose of early intervention, increase its focus on the neediest families, and better involve organisations with a track record of supporting families. We will investigate ways of ensuring that providers are paid in part by the results they achieve.

We will refocus funding from Sure Start peripatetic outreach services, and from the Department of Health budget, to pay for 4,200 extra Sure Start health visitors

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Very interesting thanks for sharing that with us..


I am a Family support outreach worker in a children centre, so I guess I just have to wait and see what happens. Watch this space.


Does anyone know how long does it take for something like this to change.


Scary times

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All sounds interesting and we knew changes would be afoot - assume they will not happen overnight - budgets for April this year to next will have already been set and allocated I assume so maybe the changes will hit from next year - with criteria and targets to reach possibly, it will give the Government time to hash it around and decide how it will work ?

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