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A Pound For Each Child! Read On!

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Im a long time reader on these forums and I know you can help me!!


Our parents association have given each child a pound. The idea is for each class in school to decide what to do with the pound. Anything they make/sell the class keeps the profit!


Class five did a lovely newsletter. They bought the paper, ink etc and sold the newspaper to the adults in our family assembly. Class four made buns! Class two have planted bulbs!


Basically each class has to do some number and realise that money matters!



Now class one!!!!!!!!




I asked my little darlings (reception/year one) and they wanted to buy a swimming pool!!!


And since Im a bloke and the only one in our school ( I like upsetting the women I work with :):):) ! I thought about a trip to William Hills or Bettfair! Teach the kids some gambling skills!


So any ideas would be really appreciated!


Thank you so much



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Not sure if this would work, but could they book out a local swimming pool and host a pool party, charging for entry to make their profit?


Or could they use the money to book the pool for themselves and then do a sponsored swim?


Or how about building a pond for the school?

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If you want something completely away from the idea of pools why not make that flubber stuff and sell it in little containers for the other children? Or you could get them making smoothies/biscuits/ rockie road/something similar and sell those. I'm sure with a little persuasion you could guide them away from the pool idea if actually going to one isn't appropriate. They're bound to have some other ideas eventually!

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Hmmmm............love the idea of William Hill but no resist!!! :o


Can't think of anything - 'pool based'....... xD


So I take it you have about £30.00?


Could they buy something to raffle........ah..... she said, thinking aloud........could be 'pool based' - entrance to local pool, swimming goggles for runner up etc.etc.

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Guest tinkerbell

Welcome Peaceful

I think the catalogue Yellow moon? sells paddling pools and ducks with hooks and poles with hooks.The PTFS had a stall where you paid to hook a duck and then won a small prize.

So your class could charge 50p a go and if the ducks are numbered (underneath)the children will get a surprise as to the gift they get....cheap poundshop gifts?pencils,balls etc



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how about buy a paddling pool - wait for the next warm day (!!) and charge for a paddle. You could buy or make ice creams and have a beach party day! :o


sorry had a long day just wrote bye not buy....dyslexia rules ko

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How about you buy a small paddling pool in the pound shop, some buckets and sponges and sit the teacher in said paddling pool on a stool and then charge children (and said colleagues who didn't approve of the William Hill suggestion) to throw wet sponges at him?


I'm sure the children would go for it! :o



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Thanks all for some great ideas!


I like the last idea!!


Time to plan it all out now :)





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