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Guest jenpercy

I see it says that collecting children from school is NOT an outing and first Aid NOT necessary. Only just recently discovered it buried in another doc that it was!


Out of all the complaints I have about OFSTED, the main one is them changing things that you can only find out about in roundabout ways, or when they come and inspect you and ask for something you had no knowledge you needed.


Lots of other stuff that needs thinking about (with our inspection already overdue)


i see that they are going to use the rating of our LA in assessing us. Would be nice to have feedback ourselves. The visit was in January, and we don't get to see our feedback until the end of April. At least OFSTED give you your feedback straight away.

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Hi Beauvink.


In the new Code of Practice you will see (section 4: quality) in that LAs are now required to 'assess the quality of their settings'. This process should be guided by the EYQISP materials so its worth having a look at the sort of things your LA may use to assess you on.

LAs will each have their own way of doing this, guide by the principles, so if you haven't seen anything yet from your LA, its worth asking. There are also differing ways in which LAs will gather their evidence and share it with you.. for example some LAs are doing ECERS audits, some are using local knowledge and a range of other criteria, some possibly have other ways of doing this. However, whatever system is used, it should be 'transparent'. (differing interpretations of that Im sure), and will be used to guide your LA to provide the right level of support for you.


All Las are at a different point in this process, so Im sure our members who have already been 'assessed' or 'ragged' will be able to share their experiences, wheras some will have not yet shared their system.


I hope that helps a bit

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So.........page 33.........


'Inspectors may come across situations where a provider may be actively trying to work in partnership with another early years provider or professional, although the other provider is not willing to share information. In these situations inspectors will need to base their judgements on any evidence the provider can show in relation to how they have tried to establish and build effective working relationships. BLAH BLAH BLAH


'Although it may be unfair to judge partnerships as inadequate, SUCH PARTNERSHIPS CAN NEVER BE JUDGED AS OUTSTANDING AND ARE UNLIKELY TO BE BETTER THAN SATISFACTORY, depending on the evidence available'


The bit that I have put in caps. is the new bit - how can that be fair?


I have worked so hard on information sharing - but not all of the other providers are playing ball - why should I be 'punished' for their unwillingness to play ball?


Or am I just reading this all wrong?

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Hi Mundia


Just read through those documents - Am I correct in just thinking that this just applies to those childminders offering the early years entitlement and that the Local Authority under section 4 have to apply a system of Quality Assurance? This could be undertaken via ECCERS audit or a type of Quality Assurance scheme (like the NCMA model) or combination of both?

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Sorry Mundia


I replied not thinking you would be up and running - so replied to your post last night without reading your most recent post a few mins ago!!


Glad its friday as running out of steam reading through all of this. But thank you for all your help.

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