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wraps with cold meat and salady type fillings / salsa, humous, and guacamole with veg fingers or breadsticks to dip, sandwiches with assorted fillings and different types of bread

fruit salad , mini pizzas on crumpets or muffins that they can take home and cook, coleslaw.

All good fun and healthy too :o

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and for the non healthy treats..


coconut ice ,


peppermint creams..


refrigerator cake.. ( melted chocolate using bowl over water, and biscuit crumbs, cake crumbs, dried fruit, etc all mixed together and put into a tin in the fridge then cut into squares.. )



our children used to love popcorn.. we had a hot air machine.. not very costly to buy.. great fun..



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I made a tray sponge cake at home and then let the little ones cut shapes. (I found some lovely owl cutters to use with owl babies theme). The children mixed icing and added coconut strands to make the owls look feathery. You could do the same using and shape cutters and decorating.

Toast is also an idea if you can take your toaster into your setting. Again children have used shape cutters and cut shapes and then popped them into the toaster.

You can use the ordinary sponge recipe, put it into a bowl and cook in a microwave, or if you have the funds buy silicone cake tins. You can buy round tin shape, muffin tin shapes and many more I expect. You can use these in any oven too.


Good Luck to all who cook!

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fruit salad/ kebabs

humous and other dips

cous cous



Have you got a slow coooker? I am led to believe you can cook everything in that.

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