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Cant Believe What Happened Today!


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Oh dear. Do they at least know where it went? More importantly, can you get it back?

I messed up a while back regarding staff wages and for a time it looked like the wage had gone into someone elses account, in which case, the lady at wages told me, you might not get it back, the person who's account it could have gone into doesnt have to give it back.

Very bad of your council.

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I changed the bank account which Nursery Milk Scheme payment could go into - unfortunately somewhere along the line one digit got left off the account number - that was 3 years ago - they still can't find the money or where it went apparently! Gave up hope on that one 2 years ago!

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This happened to us, it was paid to a nursery of the same name but a different town and obviously different banks and account numbers


HOW is what i would like to know, never got to the bottom of it

but after several phone calls to say we had not got it and they saying they had authorised payment, we got it

i presume they claimed it back from the other setting

i bet they thought christmas had come early to them , well for a few weeks anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!

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