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Hi everyone,


I hope you don't mind me posting this here but I don't want this lovely resource to go to waste and hope it might to just what someone else is looking for.... :o


we are revamping our book corner and will be replacing our book storage.


We are therefore looking to sell our current bookcase, it's a lovely unit, which opens up and have plenty of storage as well as space in the door for extra books (although one of the stretchy wires is missing but easily replaceable).


We are looking for offers in the region of £40, but you will need to collect - we are near Oxford.


If anyone is interested please pm me.


here is a link to the item in question




Thank you!

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I'd forgotten about this! For me it would really need to be movable so I could get it in and out of our cupboard each day (which includes going over a small ramp). So it doesn't look as if it is suitable for me. Shame though!



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I think that is the problem. In one of the catalogues it is described as 'on casters' and the door is, but not actual book storage side.... this is on a wooden plinth thingy..


If anyone isa bit more handy than me (or knows someone else who is) you could very probably fix casters on yourself.


So if anyone wants a trip to the Abingdon area to have a lookey (no obligation of course!) you are very welcome to come and see it.


I really don't want to have to just throw it away but it will have to go once the new storage arrives... :o

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